'Hitman 2' Unveils Franchise's First Competitive Multiplayer Mode

Agent 47 has some competition.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and IO Interactive have unveiled a new competitive multiplayer mode for the upcoming stealth action game Hitman 2. In Ghost Mode, players will go head-to-head in a 1-versus-1 contest testing their assassination skills.

Warner Bros. demoed the new competitive game mode to a small group at its Burbank offices, where players took control of the world's deadliest contract killer, Agent 47, and squared off to see who could get to five assassinations first.

Centered on the Miami map in the upcoming game, the round began with players side-by-side as their target was revealed. It was then a race to see who could take down their mark the quickest — and in the cleanest way. The latter aspect is of paramount importance for those seeking victory, as performing an undetected assassination nets a point.

Making the contest even more intriguing is the "ghost" aspect of the titular Ghost Mode. One's opponent can be seen running through the same world, though they exist in a separate reality and can't be directly interacted with. The presence of the competition, constantly racing past or ducking into a nearby shady alcove to await their target, makes the gameplay all the more exciting and competitive and watching how one's adversary approaches a mark can provide valuable insight for aspiring killers.

Ghost Mode will be available for the Miami location when Hitman 2 launches Nov. 13, with additional locations to be added subsequently following the game's initial release.

In addition to the new competitive multiplayer mode, Hitman 2 introduces the Sniper Assassin mode, a stand-alone cooperative experience that allows two players to work together to bring down their marks. The Sniper Assassin mode is available now in early access for those who preorder Hitman 2.

Hitman 2 is available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One family and PC on Nov. 13.