'Hitman: Agent 47's' Final Trailer Is Filled With Genetically Modified Heroes and Villains

In this video game adaptation, no one is as he or she seems.

What makes the assassin at the heart of video game adaptation Hitman: Agent 47 worthy of his own movie? The final international trailer for the feature explains all — literally.

"He's a genetically engineered human being," says Zachary Quinto as the preview begins, talking to Hannah Ware. "Stronger, faster, more intelligent than normal people. His name is 47. He's here to kill you."

Of course, that's not the full story — while Agent 47 (Rupert Friend, complete with a bar code on his neck to identify his artificial status) is, indeed, a genetically engineered superman, he's not out to kill Ware's character at all. Instead, he's trying to rescue her from Quinto's clutches because she's also a genetically engineered agent. Quinto, it turns out, is looking to unlock the secrets within Friend and Ware's manipulated DNA in order to add to his own skills, which are previewed in the clip. As Quinto says midway through, "Pretty crazy, huh?"

The movie is based on the Danish Hitman video game series and also stars Ciaran Hinds and Thomas Kretschmann. Directed by Aleksander Bach from a script by Michael Finch and A Good Day to Die Hard's Skip Woods, the film opens Aug. 21.