'Against Hope' Graphic Novel Pits Hero Against Neo-Nazis

Against Hope - Publicity - H 2019
Victor Santos/Dark Horse Comics
Victor Santos returns to Dark Horse Comics with the story of a woman seeking the white supremacists who killed her boyfriend.

Next year sees the return of comic book creator Victor Santos with a graphic novel almost guaranteed to tap into a particular zeitgeist — and perhaps generate some headlines in the process. Is summer 2020 ready for the revenge fantasy Against Hope?

The upcoming Dark Horse Comics graphic novel is a 192-page story about the survivor of a neo-Nazi attack that left her boyfriend dead who is seeking revenge upon discovering that the family responsible is now running for political office. Standing in the way? A whole host of white nationalists and Nazi sympathizers, all of whom the protagonist, Hope, is prepared to kill to get to her targets.

Against Hope is the latest project from Santos, whose Polar — a webcomic later collected in print by Dark Horse — was adapted into a movie for Netflix starring Mads Mikkelsen, released in January this year.

The book is scheduled for release in comic book stores June 3, 2020, with a bookstore release on June 16.