Horror Comic 'Fear Case' in the Works at Dark Horse

Fear Case announcement
Tyler and Hilary Jenkins/Dark Horse Comics
The new series from writer Matt Kindt is described as 'True Detective' meets 'The Ring.'

Dark Horse Comics continues its long association with Mind MGMT creator Matt Kindt with the announcement of a new series, written by Kindt with art by Tyler and Hilary Jenkins, centering around a mysterious object that brings calamity to everyone nearby — the Fear Case of the comic’s title.

The publisher describes the four-issue series as “True Detective meets The Ring,” with the name referring to an actual box that has repeatedly appeared at scenes of tragedy — and which has to be passed on within three days of someone taking possession of it, or else disaster will strike. As two secret service agents try to track down the box, they have to contend with a cult dedicated to the box’s existence.

“I’ve never written a story in the horror genre before. Real life is already so full of it,” Kindt said in a statement about the series. “This is the most grounded thing I’ve ever written. And as a result, it’s definitely the most horrific. I apologize in advance.”

“Once again, working with Matt is exactly as it should be between collaborators,” added Tyler Jenkins, who had previously worked with Kindt on Grass Kings. “The projects we build are a pure joy to work on.”

Fear Case will launch in comic book stores and digitally on Feb. 3, with covers from Jenkins, Francesco Francavilla, and Duncan Fegredo, all of which can be seen below.