Horror Doc 'In Search of Darkness' Examines Creation of 'The Thing'

The film, which covers '80s horror, premiered at Beyond Fest over the weekend.

The creation of the creature in The Thing was no easy task, as is detailed in part in the new horror documentary In Search of Darkness. An exclusive clip from the film shows the painstaking detail that went into Rob Bottin's creation for the 1982 horror classic.

"Rob Bottin's work in The Thing was amazing, but it came at huge cost to us," said director John Carpenter, referencing the famously expensive undertaking. "The most fun was Norris' head hitting the floor. Out come these little legs and eyeball."

In Search of Darkness is directed by veteran entertainment journalist David Weiner, who is a contributor to The Hollywood Reporter. He has written lengthy features on the 1978 animated film The Lord of the Rings and 1989's Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. And he's also delved into horror projects, such as 1988's Child's Play.

In Search of Darkness features interviews with horror maestros and noteworthy fans. It was crowdfunded and debuted Sunday at Beyond Fest in Los Angeles. More information, including how to watch, can be found at its website.