Horror Puppet Movie 'Frank & Zed' Debuts Teaser Trailer (Exclusive)

Frank & Zed
Courtesy of Puppetcore
Get ready for some blood-soaked puppetry.

It’s October and what better way to kick off one of everyone's favorite month than an exclusive trailer for a freaky – and blood-soaked – horror puppet movie?

Below see the first-look teaser for Frank & Zed, a fully puppeteered feature from the brain of Portland-based writer, director and puppeteer Jesse Blanchard.

The movie, described as a gothic horror adventure, is premiering as part of  Nightstream, the newly created film festival that runs from Oct. 8-11. The fest is the combined digital edition of five acclaimed genre film festivals: Boston Underground Film Festival, Brooklyn Horror Film Festival, North Bend Film Festival, Overlook Film Festival, and Popcorn Frights Film Festival.

It took Blanchard, whose main gig is running a boutique video agency and selling a 3D camera system, seven years to make the movie, working nights and weekends until two Kickstarter campaigns in 2015 and 2017 allowed him to devote more time to his growing project. It was shot in 4K in Blanchard’s garage and a nearby studio and required the creation of 40 handmade puppets, miniatures, practical cloud tank effects, and actual fire.

“I’ve been on this journey for the past seven years,” Blanchard tells The Hollywood Reporter. “That’s 20% of my life. I know the world I’ve created is all an illusion, that none of it’s real. And yet, Frank and Zed have somehow become my dear friends. I’ve been blessed with an incredible team and the resources to tell my unique story, and I could not be more proud of the final result. This film is my own personal dream world, brought to life. And now, thanks to the incredible programmers at Nightstream, others will finally be able to share in that dream.”

Frank and Zed was produced by Evan Baily (Sonic BoomTurok: Son of Stone) and executive produced by Jane E. McGregor (Sonic Boom). Associate producers are Cody Klewin, Cameron Harrison, and filmmaker Ted Geoghegan (We Are Still HereMohawk). The film does not currently have distribution.

Check out the trailer below.