Hot Sci-Fi Short 'Keloid' Drawing Robotic Heat (Exclusive Video)

Keloid Screengrab - H 2013
How hot is this short? Well, Roy Lee and IAM Entertainment are already on board as producers.

Hollywood’s latest hot short is here.

Keloid may sound like the latest in the “trailer for some kind of dystopian robot uprising” genre but it comes with a couple of noteworthy distinctions.

For one, the makers of the trailer take it up a notch by throwing in armies and armies of a wide range of robotic ilk, some of which seem to be intent on destroying humanity, others which are defending our poor species.

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And more importantly, it’s damn good. The robots look fierce and weighty, and some of them, the mannequin ones especially, just darn creepy. And there’s enough variety of scenes to make you want to see more of this conflict. The level of quality on display here is several notches up from the norm, which looks like it belongs on SyFy or the CW.

Spanish-based J.J. Palomo directed the short and his six-man visual FX shop BLR VFX spent over a year developing it with the intent of turning it into a feature. (BLR stands for Big Lazy Robot, by the way.)

Palomo isn’t a complete unknown to Hollywood; he and his team have collaborated with Carl Rinsch several times and worked on the director’s breakout short, The Gift. (And Keloid's concept art was provided by Aaron Beck, the concept designer for Avatar and District 9.)

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And he had Hollywood in mind when he made it. Already Roy Lee of Vertigo Entertainment has partnered with Scott Glassgold and Raymond Brothers of IAM Entertainment to produce of the hoped-for feature and are talking to talent.

While the scenes and sequences of the trailer leave the viewer seeing a number of options for what storylines can play out, Palomo has what is described as an “expansive” take with a logline that is being kept under wraps.

Palomo is repped by IAM Entertainment.