Hot Teaser: 'The Storm' Sizzle Reel Hits the Town (Video)

Kevin Tancharoen, who directed "Fame," is attached to direct the sci-fi thriller about a mysterious solar cloud heading toward Earth.

In 2011, Universal picked up Grim Night, a scary and hot spec written by Brandon Bestenheider and Allen Rey, with Bryan Bertino attached as director.

The spec came with a trailer that helped set the mood of the script and stoked the flames of interest. (Hollywood loves its visual aids.)

Now Bestenheider is back with a new project titled The Storm, and it too comes with a video, which sets up our scenario: A mysterious solar cloud has erupted from the sun and heads toward Earth. What will be its effects? No one knows. But all citizens should take shelter in their homes just in case.

The video also gives snippets as to what the script and the eventual movie will focus on: a family dealing with the cloud and its consequences.

Kevin Tancharoen is attached to direct Storm. Tancharroen directed Fame, the Glee concert movie and also the recent Mortal Kombat TV series.

Verve is repping the package.

Check out the video below.