Hot Topic Launching 'Justice League' Collection (Exclusive)

Hot Topic Justice League - Publicity - P 2017
Courtesy of Hot Topic
You may not be the fastest man alive or an Amazon warrior, but you can dress like them.

Not everyone can join the Justice League. Apparently, you either have to have superpowers or be impossibly rich to make the grade. But you can certainly look the part, thanks to Hot Topic's new range of jackets inspired by the upcoming Justice League movie.

The line, composed of men's and women's jackets featuring iconography connected to the DC Entertainment property, will be available in select Hot Topic stores and online via hottopic.com. Included are jackets displaying the Flash's lightning bolt symbol, Wonder Woman's double-W chest plate and Batman's iconic branding.

Alongside the Flash, Batman and Wonder Woman jackets, the line also includes a Cyborg Bomber Jacket — complete with patterned sleeves modeled after the character's robotic armor — and an Aquaman Faux Leather Jacket, which features a design that echoes the hero's trident. Check out the jackets below.

Justice League super-speeds into theaters Nov. 17. The Hot Topic Justice League Collection is available beginning Tuesday.