How AfterShock Comics Is Responding to Industry Shutdown

AfterShock Thumbs Up- Publicity - H 2020
AfterShock Comics
Editor-in-chief Mike Marts offers an update on the company's plans, noting it has continued developing new projects.

Despite the current hold on new releases by the majority of the English-language comic book industry, AfterShock Comics has announced that it is celebrating its fifth anniversary by continuing full speed ahead on production, with new projects already in development.

The publisher of such titles as Animosity, Shipwreck and American Monster has not only continued work on existing projects during the hold on new releases caused by Diamond Comic Distributors temporarily shutting down; it’s meeting with new creators and planning all-new titles and releases, promising specific announcements within the next few weeks, THR has learned.

Additionally, the publisher has started serializing a number of its titles via its website, as well as previewing upcoming releases via its Instagram account. Proceeds of sales from its webstore are also being given toward retailer relief efforts, via the BINC Foundation.

“While we understand the economic hardships that the coronavirus crisis has brought to all facets of the comics community — retailers, consumers, creators and distributors — we’re thankful that we've been able to remain ‘open for business’ on all fronts,” editor-in-chief Mike Marts said in a statement. “The award-winning creators that we work with are knee-deep in the various stages of their current AfterShock projects, and we look forward to sharing their new creations with the world over the coming months.”

AfterShock’s commitment to keeping production going follows a number of other comic publishers — most famously, Marvel Entertainment — pausing work on a number of projects and furloughing creators as the full impact of COVID-19 on the industry becomes known. Other publishers, including DC and newcomer Bad Idea, have similarly maintained (or even upped) production levels, intending to bank issues to maintain consistent publication schedules upon the resumption of print releases.