How 'Billionaire Island' Satirizes Capitalism's Endgame

AHOY Wave 4 -Steve Pugh AHOY Comics Publicity -H 2019
Steve Pugh/AHOY Comics
“It sort of bookends the story of human civilization Steve and I started telling with 'The Flintstones,'” says writer Mark Russell of his latest collaboration with Steve Pugh.

How best to describe AHOY Comics’ new miniseries Billionaire Island? Let’s allow the creators a chance to explain.

“So, here I am in Worcester [in the United Kingdom], with the city center flooded by a once-in-a-hundred-years rainfall, just like two years ago,” Steve Pugh, series co-creator and artist, began. “There’s a kid on a jet ski taunting the police as he does donuts on the submerged horse race course, and I'm a mile away drawing a story about billionaires floating away on their island-sized luxury life raft. Hilarious and timely!”

If that anecdote doesn’t act as an ideal introduction to Billionaire Island, perhaps it’ll help to know that the four-issue series re-unites the creative team behind DC’s critically acclaimed reboot of The Flintstones, with Pugh joined by Mark Russell to tell what the writer describes as “the story of the billionaires who try to wait out the end of the world on a private island, and the people who want to kill them. Or, put more broadly, how self-delusion is sort of the one problem we can't run away from.”

As if to further tease those who enjoyed their previous collaboration, Russell continued, “It sort of bookends the story of human civilization Steve and I started telling with The Flintstones.”

“It feels so good to be getting these funny, sharp, terrifying scripts from Mark again. Like The Flintstones, the characters will live in your head for weeks after you read it,” Pugh added.

Tom Peyer, AHOY Comics editor-in-chief, is playing things far closer to his chest, simply releasing a statement reading, “I would love to talk to you about Billionaire Island, but I’ve signed an NDA.”

Billionaire Island No. 1, released in the regular AHOY Comics format with additional comics and prose, will be available March 4 digitally and in comic book stores. Read on for a preview of the world that’s coming.