How 'Captain America's' Cast Stirred Up Its Own Melting Pot

Sebastian Stan, Hugo Weaving and Toby Jones are among the foreign-born actors featured in the film.
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In the true spirit of the America's melting pot, Captain America: The First Avenger features a number of actors hailing from different corners of the globe.

Englishman Dominic Cooper portrays American industrialist Howard Stark; Australian actor Hugo Weaving is the German Red Skull in the film; while another Brit, Toby Jones, takes on the persona of Nazi collaborator, Dr. Arnim Zola.

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Even Captain America's loyal sidekick, James "Bucky" Barnes, is played by a foreigner, Romanian actor Sebastian Stan. Stan, who also lived in Austria and New York as a youth, told the Huffington Post that it wasn't difficult stepping into the all-American role  despite his own origins, "Even though I didn’t grow up with the comic books I still really understood, I knew the name, I knew universally it was well known, and I knew it had origins in the 40s and the 50s which was always a time period that very much interested me."

Stan's international background also aided him in giving Bucky a bit of world-weariness, "I think the initial intent was to make someone that was world-weary, or who had seen pretty bad things. Who had been somewhere, in some kind of environment the way that opening scene of Saving Private Ryan is.

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"It’s not like he’s scarred, but I mean, as opposed to Steve who had never been to war, so he, you know, who was completely from an idea in his mind about what that means."

Stan is best known for his stint as Carter on Gossip Girl, and his other credits include Black Swan, Hot Tub Time Machine (he played the jerk Blaine) a role in Limp Bizkit singer Fred Durst's feature film directing debut, The Education of Charlie Banks.


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