How Easily Could 'Star Wars: Episode II' Be Fixed? (Video)

A new video suggests with just some minor -- and some slightly less minor -- changes, the second of the "Star Wars" prequels could become a much better movie.

Would Star Wars: Attack of the Clones have been a better movie if Alderaan had been used instead of Naboo? What about if Uncle Owen had shared some kind of relationship with Anakin Skywalker -- one that involves saving Anakin's Jedi backside at a most opportune time? Or would the prospect of a rematch between Obi-Wan and Darth Maul have improved things? If you're sitting there, nodding your head to these suggestions, then perhaps you'd enjoy Belated Media's What If Star Wars: Episode II Were Good? video.

For some, the idea of offering up this lengthy a critique (and outright rewrite) of an 11-year-old movie might seem a little unnecessary -- after all, few people really think about Episode II anymore, especially now that we're gearing up for 2015's Episode VII. But the arguments offered for improving the writing are more than just entitled fan whines, going into the lack of setup for events later in the series (both the Alderaan and Owen suggestions would have set up A New Hope in a way that just doesn't exist in the actual series).

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Sadly, only the Star Wars prequels have been given this level of "What If?" treatment by Belated to date (although there are plenty of reviews). Fingers crossed the series continues through Return of the Jedi at least, because I want to see just how quickly the very idea of Ewoks is dismissed in favor of using the Wookees like we all wanted when we were kids …