How to Find J.K. Rowling's New 'Harry Potter' Material

The fast way to find the history of Azkaban and the Ministry of Magic
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So, you want to find J.K. Rowling’s new material on Pottermore — material that doesn’t just include a new 1,700-word essay on the history of Dolores Umbridge, but also more details about various aspects of the world in which Harry Potter and friends exist?

That’s easier said than done; the new material is hidden throughout the site to celebrate the launch of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on the portal, ready to be unlocked via exploring particular scenes (or "moments," as the site calls them) in the story. An easy way to identify the new material is that all moments written by Rowling on the site are noted by a red quill, but that doesn’t help you to discover what to do once you find them; for that, you’ll have to read on. Everyone who'd rather find them for themselves: apparate elsewhere now.

The Atrium
This is where you’ll find Ministers for Magic, Rowling’s history of the Ministry. You’ll reach the Ministry itself by double-clicking on the phone box, and then zoom in to select the board on the left of the fountain, which is where you’ll find the text itself. It’s worth it for the names alone; who doesn’t want to know more about characters called things like Basil Flack, Horetensia Milliphutt and Eldritch Diggory?

The Carriages
Sensibly enough, clicking on the Thestral will take you Rowling’s Thestrals. If you’re saddened that you’ve never seen one, it’s because they’re apparently “native to the British Isles and Ireland,” and nothing to do with their fictional status.

Delores Jane Umbridge
By double-clicking on the door, you’ll be taken into Umbridge’s office. Once there, click on Umbridge and you’ll be able to read Rowling’s essay on one of the more dislikable teachers in Harry’s scholarly career.

Trelawney Is Sacked
When you double-click anywhere on the image, you’ll end up zooming in on it. Once you can see “Sybill Trelawney,” click on it — that’ll take you to Trewlawny, Rowling’s almost-fond recollection of the unfairly-dismissed teacher. Well, as fond as one can be for someone you declare is “90% fraud.”

Row Ninety-Seven
What you’re looking for in this moment are the orbs on the third row to the right; clicking on one will take you to Naming Seers, where you’ll discover that some parents have the foresight to check in with those who really can see the future before naming their children. Would that all of our parents had that option.

The Tattered Veil
If you’re looking for the history of Azkaban, the wizarding prison, then double-click anywhere on the image to zoom in, and then click on the dueling witch (Bellatrix Lestrange). Try not to focus on the revelation about the Dementors too much.

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