How Hard Would it be to Date in the 'Star Wars' Universe (Video)

A new YouTube video points out just how awkward the dating scene on Tatooine must have been around the time of the first "Star Wars" movie (and beyond).

Any Star Wars fan already knows that universe isn't the most welcoming to women. After all, once the Empire takes over, your choice of role models is limited to just three options -- one of whom is killed offscreen just because of some droids her husband bought -- and there seems to be a notable lack of career opportunities out there for women outside of "royalty" and "former politician turned freedom fighter." But have you ever considered just how hard it would be to date in the Star Wars universe?

A video created by Stan Lee's World of Heroes for YouTube's GeekWeek points out some of the problems inherent in trying to find a good date in a universe more known for its Jedi Knights and hives of scum and villainy. Like, for example, the neuroses of the Dark Lords of the Sith who carry the weight of the Empire on their shoulders -- or minor characters who really, really want to set the record straight about who shot first.

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While the video goes for the low-hanging fruit a little too often for its own good -- the Jar-Jar joke? Really? -- it's a nice reminder of how much comic potential is in Star Wars, even if it rarely gets the chance to be explored. Here hoping that Star Wars Detours really is just postponed until a later date, and that we'll eventually get a chance for a Star Wars sitcom sooner rather than later.