How 'Penultiman' Became a Superhero with Issues

Alan Robinson/AHOY Comics
The new comic is co-created by former 'Hourman' writer Tom Peyer and Alan Robinson.

It’s not easy being the world’s greatest superhero — especially when you’re all too aware of your own shortcomings. The latest title from AHOY Comics introduces a hero more fallible than most — the next-to-last stage of human evolution, Penultiman — and The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive sneak peek.

“Penultiman will be born in the 91st Century, a time that is host to the absolute pinnacle of accelerated human evolution, the Ultimates. But Penultiman himself is a throwback to the stage before. Embarrassed by his presence, the Ultimates exile him to our time; now he is admired as the most powerful, most charming, most good-hearted superhero in the world,” creator and writer Tom Peyer told THR, explaining the origins of the new hero. “But at his core is an inconsolable sorrow: his rejection by the people of his era, even by his own parent.”

Penultiman isn’t alone in his new home, however, as Peyer continued, “Antepenultiman, his android understudy, tries to convince him to forget about the 91st Century, to concentrate on making a good life for himself in the 21st, when suddenly…”

The “suddenly” is teased in the preview below, featuring art by Alan Robinson — but suffice to say, it’s a set-up that could either involve resolution for the hero’s tortured psyche, or even more emotional torture. Penultiman No. 1 will be released in comic book stores and digitally Oct. 7, featuring a cover by Robinson and a variant cover by Jamal Igle.