How 'Redemption' Revamps the Western for a New Generation

Redemption Announce
Mike Deodato Jr. and Lee Loughridge/AWA
The new series has a feminist, sci-fi twist.

Independent comic publisher Artists, Writers and Artisans is continuing to explore different genres with its line, with next year’s Redemption offering a new feminist sci-fi take on the classic Western.

The series is named after its setting, a desert town dominated by a man who controls its most precious resource: water.

When her mother is marked for death by that despot, Rose Obregon leaves town in search of the one person who can free Redemption — the legendary gunslinger, the Butcher. Unfortunately for Rose, the Butcher has retired and become plain old regular Cat Tanner. Can Rose bring Cat out of the shadows for the good of the town?

According to writer Christa Faust, the series is “a gritty post-apocalyptic Western centered around a trio of bad-ass women, the kind of characters I love to explore. Older women, queer women, flawed women, tough women. Complex, gray-shaded women who fall outside the simplistic cliches of heroes and villains. Women who fight to save themselves and each other, rather than waiting around for a man to rescue them."

Redemption puts Unforgiven and Road Warrior in a blender, with a twist,” added Axel Alonso, editor in chief of AWA Upshot, the imprint responsible for the title.

The five-issue series is illustrated by Mike Deodato Jr., who said, "I have been always a big fan of westerns and post-apocalyptic stories, so when Axel sent me the script I was sold already. Also, I loved working with Christa on [earlier AWA series] Bad Mother, so it was the perfect storm.”

Redemption will launch Feb. 3 digitally and in comic book stores. Look below for preview artwork from the first issue.