How 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Should Have Ended (Video)

Magical blood and transporter technology -- maybe "Star Trek Into Darkness" should have had an entirely different ending altogether, suggests a new video.

As anyone who caught this summer's Star Trek Into Darkness knows, space really is the final frontier now that the crew of the Starship Enterprise managed to cure death with the help of a Tribble and some magic blood. Bearing that in mind, the How It Should Have Ended team have come up with a slightly more believable ending for the movie.

It's not only the maybe-a-little-too-powerful-for-its-own-good tech that the video takes aim at. The true identity of Benedict Cumberbatch's villain and Alice Eve's gratuitous underwear scene are also given well-deserved shots. (J.J. Abrams, you should still feel guilty about the shamelessness of that latter one.)

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The HISHE crew seems to have understood the implication of Into Darkness' various plot rabbits jumping out of plot hats more than the movie's writers. Perhaps someone should ask them to come up with a bridge between Into Darkness and the third movie, just to write out that whole immortality and tech that's way beyond anything else Star Trek has ever seen thing before it becomes too much of a problem going forward. Otherwise, well, watch the video and you'll get the picture.