'How to Train Your Dragon' Trilogy Exhibit Coming to L.A.

The DRAGONS HIDDEN WORLD - zoom-Publicity - H 2019
Courtesy Dreamworks
Curated by Paris-based Art Ludique-Le Museé, 'The Artistic Journey of The How to Train Your Dragon Trilogy' features 200 sketches, digital renderings and more.

In a treat for How to Train Your Dragon fans, an exhibit celebrating the acclaimed trilogy from filmmaker Dean DeBlois is coming to Los Angeles.

Curated by Paris-based Art Ludique-Le Museé, The Artistic Journey of The How to Train Your Dragon Trilogy features 200 works of art in the form of sketches, digital renderings and maquettes as well as video installations that offer behind the scenes peeks and interviews that offer insight into the making of the movies.

The exhibit will be at the Pacific Design Center (PDC) for a two-day run Saturday Nov. 16 and Sunday, Nov. 17.

The Dragon trilogy, which tells of the evolving bond between a Viking named Hiccup and a lost dragon named Toothless, remains a rare achievement in animation movies. Bucking most other franchises which tend to change filmmakers as they go, DeBlois has remained at the creative helm, giving the three movies a sustained dramatic resonance and richness not often seen in the form. The movies also tracked the growth of its main characters in a way other franchises, in animation or even live-action, tend to shy away from.

The Artistic Journey exhibit debuted in Paris earlier this year and was one of the centerpieces at the 2019 Annecy Film Festival in June. During its month-long installation in Annecy, the exhibit saw over 20,000 visitors.

The exhibit at the PDC will also feature a daily screening accompanied with a Q&A. DeBlois, producers Bradford Lewis and Bonnie Arnold, production designer Pierre-Olivier Vincent, visual effects supervisor Dave Walvoord, head of character animation Simon Otto and composer John Powell will attend the Q&A on Nov. 16.  Actors Jay Baruchel (Hiccup) and America Ferrera (Astrid) will join DeBlois, Lewis and Arnold for the post-screening Q&A on Nov. 17.