How 'Ultramega' Makes Monster Comics Even Bigger

Ultramega Announcement
James Harren with Dave Stewart/Skybound
The new series from creator James Harren sees a plague hit the Earth, transforming those it infects into monstrous kaiju.

Comic readers are already familiar with the eye-popping, frenetic artwork of James Harren, but his newly announced project Ultramega is about to take everything fans love and make it … bigger.

Harren is known for collaborations with writer John Arcudi on Dark Horse Comics’ BPRD and Image Comics’ Rumble. This time out, he’s writing and drawing a series set in a world where a plague has hit the Earth, transforming those it infects into monstrous kaiju… with only three humans, each with incredible powers, standing between them and total destruction. But can the three, known as the Ultramega, turn back the cataclysmic tide before it’s too late?

It’s not just the scale of the action in Ultramega that’s big; it’s the comic itself. The series launches with an extra-length first issue — 68 pages — released in comic book stores and digitally March 17, with Harren joined by Dave Stewart on colors and Russ Wooton on letters. (Each issue will be extra-length, as per Skybound.) The book is edited by Sean Mackiewicz, and features a logo designed by Andres Juarez.

The series will be released by Robert Kirkman's Skybound imprint.

Look below for a preview of artwork from the first issue.