How To Watch 'The Hobbit' In Under Two Minutes

Just cut out the unimportant stuff and use Lego
Courtesy of Brotherhood Workshop

Want to watch a screen version of J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic novel The Hobbit, but don’t have time to sit through Peter Jackson’s three epic movies? Animator Kevin Ulrich has the solution: Lego The Hobbit in 72 Seconds.

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Subtitled, “33,000ish Seconds Shorter Than Peter Jackson’s Version,” Ulrich’s video not only compresses Tolkien’s 95,000 word fantasy epic into just over a minute — apparently, having characters say things like, “Hey, check it out — invisible ink!” saves a bunch of time — it also includes a sly dig at the ways in which Jackson added new material to expand the story into three movies’ worth of material.

Following the final Hobbit scene, in which Bilbo looks directly at camera and announces “I’m going to write a book about this," the credits are interrupted by a group of Lego characters including Tauriel — Evangeline Lilly’s character from the movies — asking “What about us?” “Uh, you’re not in the book,” a voiceover responds. Sorry, Legolas fans (He’s not in the book either. Yes, really).

For those who're waiting for the unabridged version, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies is released Dec. 17.

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