Hugh Jackman Once Creeped Out His Celebrity Crush

The beloved X-Men star shared the story while doing press for 'Logan.'
Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images
Hugh Jackman at the 'Logan' premiere in New York.

Hugh Jackman may be all business as the badass Wolverine, but it seems he fell to pieces like most people when the accomplished stage and screen actor met his celebrity crush. 

Jackman, while doing recent promotional interviews for Logan, (which so far has raked in more than $437 million worldwide) was asked if he ever got starstruck. 

The answer: Yup. And it even happened after he was a star himself. It seems the Australia native had it pretty bad for Olivia Newton-John, the Grease star, who grew up in Melbourne. 

Jackman's story about creeping Newton-John out is priceless, but the other person who was there when it happened really puts the story over the edge of gloriousness. 

Enjoy Jackman blushing below: