Hugh Jackman Teases Villainous Returns and Angry Episodes For Final 'Wolverine' Movie

"The words 'berserker rage' came up a lot."
Ben Rothstein/Twentieth Century Fox
"The words 'berserker rage' came up a lot."

Before he hangs up the unbreakable claws of Fox's Wolverine, Hugh Jackman might bring one last piece of the Marvel Entertainment character's core comic mythology to the big screen — as well as, perhaps, the return of a particular villain with close ties to the seemingly indestructible hero.

Talking on the Sydney Confidential podcast, Jackman spoke about some popular suggestions in response to his recent call for ideas for the final Wolverine movie, currently scheduled for a 2017 release. Two ideas came up repeatedly, he said.

First, he revealed, there were "lots of calls for Victor Creed to come back," referring to the villain better known as Sabretooth — arguably the hero's arch-nemesis in comic book mythology, and a character who has appeared in both 2000's X-Men and 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine, played by Tyler Mane and Liev Schreiber, respectively.

Secondly, he said, "the words 'berserker rage' came up a lot. If you know Wolverine, you'll understand." For comic book fans, that term refers to something that hasn't really happened for the movie version of the character — a moment in which the animalistic side of Wolverine takes over in the heat of the moment, leaving a savage, violent mindless creature that's as dangerous to friends as foes.

With the third solo Wolverine movie rumored to be a version of the comic book "Old Man Logan" storyline, which sees an aged version of the character having to fight his way across a post-apocalyptic world ruled by supervillains, it's possible that both Creed and a savage Wolverine could find their way into the finished product. After all, if Wolverine is destined to go out in a blaze of glory in the new movie, what better way to send him off in angry style?