Hugh Jackman Was Given Film of His Penis for 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' Wrap Gift

X-Men Origins: Wolverine - PHOTOFEST - H 2017
20th Century-Fox/Photofest
"It's just like college," the actor says of being nude on set.

It seems X-Men Origins: Wolverine would have beat Logan to the trilogy's first R rating — had some pretty revealing shots of Hugh Jackman been left in the 2009 film. 

Just like any other aspect of playing his iconic X-Men character, Jackman didn't hold back, going completely nude on set for the scene in which Wolverine escapes Weapon X after having Adamantium grafted onto his skeleton.

In a recently unearthed 2009 interview with Howard Stern, Jackman made it clear he has no problem with people seeing him naked. 

"You're not afraid to show your penis on film, are you?" Stern asked Jackman, who shook his head no, adding "the only problem is the PG-13 rating, because...," Jackman trailed off. 

He said there were shots in which you could clearly see his penis, but those weren't the ones chosen for the film.

And then came the kicker. 

"When we finished the film, my wrap gift from the director [Gavin Hood] was a bag which had all the film cut off with my dick in it, " Jackman said. "So, I got frames of film, and I am looking, going, 'OK, hello!'" 

Jackman said he was offered a cover for his area while shooting, but passed. "It's just like college," he said. 

As for the full-frontal, but blurred scene of Wolverine going down a waterfall, Jackman told Stern that was all digital. 

And, because it is Howard Stern, of course, Jackman was asked about his size. He replied, "It's pretty good, I think. I'm fine." 

Logan, which is billed as Jackman's final time playing Wolverine, has earned more than $525 million worldwide. 

The nudity talk starts at 6:30 in the interview below.