Hulk Gets 'Savage' Second Series This Summer

Bruce Banner's angry alternate self gets a new anthology series featuring the work of creators including Alan Davis and Jim Starlin.
Alan Davis/Marvel Entertainment

Starting this summer, you’ll have even more opportunity to not like Bruce Banner when he’s angry. Marvel Entertainment has announced the launch of a second series centering around the scientist and his emerald-hued alter ego, titled Savage Hulk.

Following the similarly titled Savage Wolverine, Savage Hulk will be an anthology series giving creators a chance to tell that Hulk story they’ve always wanted to but never quite found the outlet for.

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Editor Mark Paniccia said that the stories in the series “can take place pretty much anytime, but work within the framework of continuity,” explaining that stories could take place “now, or using elements of the past and perhaps even glimpses of the future.”

The series launches with a storyline by Alan Davis, a long-time Marvel creator whose work includes runs on X-Men, Fantastic Four and Avengers, with a second story by Jim Starlin that launches the character into space to deal with the threat of Avengers’ post-credit cameo character Thanos.

Savage Hulk launches in June.