Wolverine and the Hulk Team for 'Hulkverines' Comic Book Series

Hulkverines Cover Main - Publicity - P 2018
Greg Land/Marvel Entertainment
The two heroes will combine forces against a clone that combines their DNA in the three-part storyline.

How do you deal with a science experiment that combines the DNA of the Hulk and Wolverine? A new comic book miniseries launching from Marvel Entertainment in February offers a straightforward answer: Get the Hulk and Wolverine to take care of the problem.

The three-part series, which has the portmanteau title of Hulkverines, will pair the two heroes against Weapon H, the clone made of mixing Wolverine and Hulk DNA together, who has anchored his own solo comic book series since March of this year.

The combination of the two characters is nothing new; Wolverine actually debuted in 1974's Incredible Hulk No. 181, and the two have met (and fought) on numerous occasions since then in multiple comic books and even an animated feature. Despite this, Weapon H actually debuted in a storyline that took place without either Wolverine or the original Hulk; he debuted in a crossover between the comic series Totally Awesome Hulk (which starred Amadeus Cho, a secondary, younger Hulk) and Weapon X in 2017.

The writer of the Weapon H series, Greg Pak, will pen Hulkverines, with the series’ art chores shared between two regular Weapon H artists, Ario Anindito (who will draw the first and final issues) and Guiu Villanova, who will illustrate the middle chapter.

Hulkverines will be the second Wolverine-centric project to launch from Marvel in February; the character, who recently returned from a four-year period in the afterlife, will also be teaming up with Loki for the Wolverine: Infinity Watch miniseries. The final issue of the five-issue Return of Wolverine is also scheduled to be released in the same month.