Humanity Makes Final Stand in 'Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter' Trailer (Exclusive)

'Mad Max' meets 'Star Wars' in the film, which is getting a limited theatrical release on June 2.

The robot overlords better look out. The new trailer for Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter shows humanity is ready to fight back.

Rogue Warrior takes place a few decades from now in a future in which artificial intelligence rules a post-apocalyptic Earth and other planets. A rebellious weapons dealer named Sienna (Tracey Birdsall) may have discovered a way to take down the robots and restore humanity to its proper place in the universe. Her plan involves a perilous trip to the galaxy's center to find a mythical weapon that can neutralize A.I. 

The sci-fi film from director Neil Johnson is described as a mix of Star Wars and Mad Max — and the footage definitely has that desert dystopian feel. It also stars William KircherDaz Crawford, Stephen Manley and Marilyn Ghiggliotti

The film will get a limited opening on June 2 via Sony distribution. It will also play at the 50th Annual WorldFest Houston Film Festival on Friday.