'Hunger Games': Director Gary Ross Gives His Take on the First Trailer (Video)

Gale is "something that echoes with [Katniss] throughout the Games," he says in a new video.
Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Gary Ross

An exclusive clip from the upcoming Lionsgate adaptation of The Hunger Games premiered during Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards after a week of one-second teasers. This time, MTV released a new video featuring director Gary Ross giving commentary as the "trailer" plays.

The clip, if viewers remember, was brief and if anything it was spoiler-free. "Seriously disappointed," wrote one Twitter user after it debuted.

For those familiar with the Suzanne Collins novel, one scene from the book sticks out, but for those unfamiliar, no big revelations are spoiled. Ross' commentary provides some interesting backstory, but all in all, he doesn't provide any golden nuggets for fans to chew on.

Though the teaser didn't showcase any other actor besides Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss), Ross spent some time discussing Liam Hemsworth (Gale). "Gale is an enormous part of Katniss' life, but he's not a big part of the first book as he is in the subsequent books," Ross said. "He's in her head. He's in her life. He's something that echoes with her throughout the Games."

Without revealing much, the director discussed shooting in the Arena where most of the action takes place. "This was like shooting in Vietnam, it was like Apocalypse Now," he said. "We spent something like six weeks outside in the jungle every day, hiking up and down mountains with cameras and in the mud and driving rainstorms."

The Hunger Games is scheduled to open in theaters March 23, 2012.

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