'Hunger Games': Mattel to Release Katniss Barbie Doll

Jennifer Lawrence
<p>Katniss (<strong>Jennifer Lawrence</strong>) learned archery in order to hunt illegally in the forrest. This skill will become a valuable asset when she is forced to compete in the Games and must fight for her survival.</p>   |   Lionsgate
The doll is just the latest in a line of franchise-related merchandise.

Happy Hunger Games!

Hunger Games is doing big box office its first day in theaters, and now a Barbie doll is in the works.

Mattel's Barbie Collector is in the process of producing a custom collectible doll inspired by heroine Katniss Everdeen, played by Jennifer Lawrence in Lionsgate's big-screen adaptation, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

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The doll is "created specifically for the adult collector," Mattel tells THR. The Katniss doll will be available for purchase on BarbieCollector.com and other retail channels.

Images of the doll will be released along with the item's availability at a later date.

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This isn't the first piece of merchandise being produced for the popular young-adult franchise. Hunger Games-themed nail polish, a workout class and a cookbook are just a few of the related merchandising efforts surrounding the book trilogy and movie.

Barbie Collector produced Twilight-themed dolls inspired by Bella and Edward's wedding that were released in February and sell for about $30.

Hunger Games raked in $19.7 million in receipts for midnight showings alone at the U.S. box office and could earn $150 million in its opening weekend.

What would the headstrong Katniss have to say about this?