'Hunger Games' Moviegoers React On Twitter With Gleeful Praise, Hyperbole and Confusion

As the film sets records at the box office, it's also sparking major discussion on social networks.

Led by months of media saturation and fan excitement, The Hunger Games was already a hot trending topic on the tips of moviegoers' tongues and tweets. And now that the public has actually gotten a chance to see the film, the conversation around the big screen adaptation of Suzanne Collins' hit dystopian young adult novel has hit a fevered pitch.

As fans left theaters on Friday night, the first thing many of them did was take out their cell phones to tweet their reactions to the movie. They were, to say the least, emphatic and borderline hyperbolic, mixing excitement with disappointment and snark. Coming in by the hundreds per minute on the hashtag #HungerGames, the social media messages made it possible to get inside the minds of the moviegoers. 

Here is a quick glance at some of the bolder reactions -- most positive, but some confused and a couple not as happy as the average filmgoer that gave the movie an 'A' CinemaScore.