'Hunger Games': 8 New Posters From the Upcoming Lionsgate Movie (Photos)

A series of posters promoting The Hunger Games hit the web Thursday, each showing a character in profile against a black backdrop.

The one-sheets are simple and to the point with only the actor, his or her character's name, and the movie's title and logo featured. Smaller type points to The Hunger Games website and company credits.

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The Hunger Games, out March 23 and directed by Gary Ross, is the first of Lionsgate's trilogy of adaptations from Suzanne Collins' young adult novels. The film stars Jennifer Lawrence as heroine Katniss, Josh Hutcherson as her tireless protector Peeta and Liam Hemsworth as Katniss' confidante and crush, Gale.

Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Banks and Lenny Kravitz also have major roles in the picture, about a a young woman's struggle to survive in a deadly, government sponsored event where only one survivor emerges.

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Lawrence's one-sheet as Katniss above. Posters of other characters follow each page break.

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Australian actor Liam Hemsworth as Gale, Katniss' hunting partner and possible love.

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Josh Hutcherson, from The Kids Are All Right and Bridge to Terabithia, as Peeta, a resourceful baker's son who protects Katniss once the Games begin.

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Woody Harrelson as Haymitch, the drunken, one-time Games winner who coaches Katniss and Peeta.

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Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket, the escort for the District 12 tributes (including Katniss) during the Hunger Games.


Lenny Kravitz as Cinna, the stylist who gives Katniss fabulous costumes, gadgets and advice during the Games.

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Amandla Stenberg as Rue, a spry young contestant befriended by Katniss during the Games.

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Alexander Ludwig as Cato, one of Katniss and Peeta's fiercest opponents in the Games.

Source: MSN