Taylor Swift's 'Hunger Games' Soundtrack Video Released (Video)

Taylor Swift Red Carpet AMA - H 2011
<p>Taylor Swift Red Carpet AMA - H 2011</p>   |   Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images
The singer partnered with the Civil Wars for her 'Safe & Sound' track, which was produced by T-Bone Burnett.

Taylor Swift premiered her music video for "Safe & Sound," the haunting track she made along with the Nashville-based band the Civil Wars (which is made up of Joy Williams and John Paul White) for the Hunger Games soundtrack Monday.

The video's mood matches the song's haunting and almost eerie sound, featuring a solo Swift wandering through a dark, and almost dangerous looking wood. It's spliced with clips of the Civil Wars, who are together in a cabin, sitting near a fire. 

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But, at the height of the song, Swift finally reaches the cabin, only to find it abandoned. She also finds the video's only Hunger Games reference, the famed Mockingjay pin. 

The Hollywood Reporter caught up with both Williams and White at the Grammys to discuss making the movie's song and video, which was produced by Grammy winner T-Bone Burnett.

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"We were thankful when T-Bone Burnett called and said 'Do you wanna write your own original song for it?' We said 'Yeah, sure.' You don't say no when T-Bone calls." Williams admitted to THR

But, they were also under a considerable amount of pressure. "We had a four-hour window and knocked it out," White told THR of writing the track in a very limited amount of time. 

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"We're very excited, that's some good company to be in," Williams said of the soundtrack's high-profile acts, including Arcade Fire and The Decemberists. 

Watch the video below.