'Hunger Games' Inspires Slightly Morbid Workout Regimen

Though no casualties have been reported during the trial run, New York Sports Club's "Train Like a Tribute" class kicks off March 27.

With the film adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ bestselling book hitting theaters this Friday and interest lingering at a fever pitch for what feels like years, The Hunger Games now enters a new area of the consumer sphere. It's a gym class.

And the stakes of group fitness have never been so high.

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As The New York Daily News reports, New York Sports Club is launching an elaborate workout regime on March 27. The month-long course will run at an Upper East Side location and pit members against each other during a 45-minute session that they claim burns as many as 800 calories.

Thematic challenges include "sprinting to the cornucopia," archery, simulated tree climbing and strength training ("Peeta Presses").

“I couldn’t put it down,” trainer and "gamekeeper" Eric Salvador says of the book. “As a former Marine and a trainer, that whole focus on mental and physical strength was something I picked up on.”

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"Train Like a Tribute" doesn't actually involve any participants getting into altercations with one another. But to keep it interesting, Salvador throws "disasters" like imaginary fireballs and mutant dog attacks to keep the workout changing.

Whoever completes the most circuits in the allotted 45 minutes gets a mockingjay pin and some pretty nerdy bragging rights.