'I Am Number Four,' Chuck Norris Cartoon Hitting Blu-ray, DVD

"I Am Number Four"

I Am Number Four, the teen sci-fi action movie which was the first movie from the new DreamWorks, didn’t do as well as hoped for when it was released in February, grossing only $53 million on a reported budget of around $60 million.

The movie, initially announced with much fanfare with Michael Bay producing, is based on the young adult novel co-written by James Fry, centering on a young alien on the run from a war-like race trying to fit in a high school. The book came under some scrutiny being from his controversial book factory.

And while it wasn’t the hit it should have been, it did serve well for supporting actress Teresa Palmer, who stole the show as a butt-kicking warrior. Palmer has been getting on the lists for high-profile projects since.

Four gets a chance to reach a wider audience when it hits Blu-ray and DVD on May 24. (The Blu-ray+DVD+Digital Copy is the way to go, if you ask me.)   

The home-viewing versions won’t have any commentaries or too many extras although the Blu-ray version will have five deleted scenes plus an extended scene.


The zenith and the nadir of the Chuck Norris craze may have been the Hanna Barbera’s Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos cartoon.

The 1986 series had Chuck voicing himself and, fun fact: had Jack Kirby and Gil Kane as creative consultants.

It lasted only five episodes. The trailer may give you clues as to why:

The series comes to DVD for the first time this week from Warner Archives, which takes the lesser known titles from Warner Bros (read: movies that just maybe, maybe might not be up there in the quality department but still have their supporters) and brings them to home entertainment. 

Also available this week are two Abbott and Costello movies, 1952’s Abbott and Costello Meet Captain Kidd and 1942’s Rio Rita. The movies are being released on DVD for the first time.


Not that Heat Vision is into this sort of thing, but someone has finally decided to put together the works of Charlie Sheen’s Goddesses girlfriends in one place.

Hustler Video and FleshDrive, a company which puts adult videos on FlashDrives (yeah, Heat Vision didn’t know what FleshDrive was either) is releasing DUH-Winning! The Goddesses, compiling scenes featuring Bree Olson, Tanner Mayes, Kacey Jordan, Capri Anderson and others.