'Iceman' Writer Creates Shirt to Benefit LGBTQ Charity Rainbow Railroad

The design, "It's Reading Cats'n'Dogs," will be available for two weeks.
Courtesy of Sina Grace/Represent
The design, "It's Reading Cats'n'Dogs," will be available for two weeks.

Sina Grace, creator of Image Comics’ Self-Obsessed and writer of Marvel’s Iceman, has decided to make your holiday shopping far easier this year, with making sure the spirit of giving helps a worthy cause in addition to keeping friends and family happy. How has he managed this trick? It’s simple; he’s created a limited edition shirt supporting LGBTQ charity Rainbow Railroad for custom apparel company Represent.

"When I heard about the Rainbow Railroad, I knew instantly that I had to do something for them — raise awareness or funds... anything," Grace told The Hollywood Reporter about the campaign, which launches Thursday and runs for two weeks. "I’m so excited to team up with represent.com and accomplish both goals with this limited edition tee."

Rainbow Railroad was founded in 2006 to help LGBTQ people escape violence and persecution from their home countries, and has assisted individuals from the Middle East, Africa, Russia and other regions. More information about the organization can be found here.

Grace explained his illustration — which features his pets, Henry (the dog) and Amelia (the cat), and can be seen above — by saying, "I wanted to create an image that could be cute and meaningful at the same time. I channeled my heroes, [Persepolis author] Marjane Satrapi and Keith Haring, to illustrate a clean, adorable pic of cats and dogs getting along over comic books."

The design, "It’s Reading Cats’n’Dogs," is available as a unisex tee, heavyweight hoodie and small mug, and is available for purchase here.