'Ghostbusters' Celebrating 35th Anniversary With 4 Comics

Real Ghostbusters Anniversary-Publicity-H 2019
Marcelo Ferreira/IDW Publishing
The celebration from IDW begins in April.

This year marks the 35th anniversary of Ghostbusters — or the 30th anniversary of Ghostbusters II, if you’re feeling perverse — and, with next year’s continuation of the original movies sparking renewed interest in the franchise, IDW Publishing has announced a special monthlong comic book celebration of all things Ghostbuster throughout April.

Each Wednesday of the month, IDW will release a special Ghostbusters comic book, with each issue focusing on a different incarnation of the concept — the original movie team, the animated Real Ghostbusters group, the Answer the Call team from the 2016 reboot and the Extreme Ghostbusters of the 1997 animated series of the same name.

“Since 2008, IDW has published an amazing library of ‘Busters from multiple dimensions and times, written and illustrated by a diverse crew of mega-talented creators … so what better way is there to celebrate this special anniversary than by showing off the eclectic cast from Ghostbusters projects far and wide?” senior editor Tom Waltz said Thursday in a statement provided by the company.

Added IDW editor-in-chief John Barber, “Ghostbusters has been an important part of IDW Publishing for more than a decade, and thanks to everybody at Sony and Ghost Corps, it’s been an amazing eleven years. With Ghostbusters hitting such a milestone anniversary, it’s time to celebrate every facet of the team’s history … and to get ready for everything that’s coming next!"

The four-issue Ghostbusters 35th Anniversary celebration is just part of IDW’s future plans for the franchise. The San Diego-based publisher has also revealed that it will release new comic book stories featuring the original team “leading up to” next year’s Jason Reitman-directed movie.