IDW to Publish Ellison's Original 'City on the Edge' Star Trek Story

A new comic book miniseries will adapt the author's unedited version of the classic, controversial "Star Trek" episode.
Juan Ortiz/IDW Publishing

The original teleplay for the classic Star Trek episode "City on the Edge of Forever" has become an almost mythological artifact in Trek fandom, and later this year, fans will get a chance to read it for themselves -- well, almost -- when it gets adapted into a comic book by IDW Publishing.

Harlan Ellison's original script differs from the produced episode in a number of ways, including a reduced role for Dr. McCoy and the creation of an alternate timeline in which the Enterprise has been replaced altogether by another starship. The writer has been vocal about the changes for a number of years -- although he is the only credited writer, it's believed many other writers, including Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, were responsible for the finished version that was shot.

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IDW editor-in-chief Chris Ryall said that presenting the original Ellison version of the story "has been a goal of ours since IDW first began publishing Star Trek comics in 2007," adding that as good as the television episode was, "it ain't nuthin' compared to what Ellison did in his original teleplay."

The teleplay will be adapted by Scott and David Tipton, who have previously worked on multiple IDW Trek projects, with art by J.K. Woodward and covers by Juan Ortiz. The five-issue series launches in June.