Image Comics' Superhero Series 'Radiant Black' Unveils Trailer

Marcelo Costa/Image Comics
The new book launches in February.

The next generation of superheroes debuts in February, as Image Comics launches Radiant Black, a new ongoing series from creators Kyle Higgins and Marcelo Costa, and The Hollywood Reporter has the exclusive debut of the trailer for the book.

The series centers around Nathan Burnett, a thirty-year-old who’s struggling with the realities of life — two dead-end jobs, too much debt, and having to move back in with his parents — when he discovers a cosmic force known as Radiant, changing everything… and, even though he doesn’t realize it just yet, putting him and everyone around him at risk from the alien entities that created the force in the first place.

"I’ve been writing superheroes full time, for exactly ten years now,” writer Higgins told The Hollywood Reporter. “Nightwing, Batman, The Winter Soldier, Power Rangers, Ultraman — working with my favorite characters will always hold a special place in my heart. That said, nothing comes close to how excited I am for the world to meet Radiant Black, a superhero for a new time, a new generation and — hopefully — a superhero that resonates for others the way that my favorite heroes have resonated for me.”

The trailer for the series — which features the track “Radiant” by band Crisis Couture, to be released as a single Feb. 1 — is a return to old habits for Higgins, as it turns out.

“A funny little fact, my first professional work as a creator came when I was 17, animating comic book trailers for Moonstone Books and Joe Gentile,” Higgins remembered. “It was a way to bridge my love of filmmaking and comic books, and is certainly one of the creative sparks that set me down this career path. Now, all these years later, I thought it would be super exciting to dust off those old skills for my most personal book yet.”

He continued, “A huge shoutout and thanks to Eduardo Ferigato — who storyboarded the trailer — Marcelo Costa — who did all new original art — Alec Siegel — who animated the whole thing — and Brendan McKian of the band Crisis Couture — who wrote and recorded the most epic theme song I could have imagined."

The series is illustrated by Costa, who’s known for his color work on titles including Firefly and Self/Made.

“For as long as I can remember, I have loved superhero comics — as a child, they helped teach me to read and eventually, led me to pursue a career as a comic book artist,” Costa said. “So, to say that creating a brand new superhero series — at Image — is a dream come true, would be an understatement."

Radiant Black launches February 10 digitally and in comic book stores. Watch the trailer below.