Image Entertainment Picks Up 'Cabin Fever: Patient Zero'

Sean Astin leads the cast for the third installment of the horror series.
Getty Images
Sean Astin

Image Entertainment has picked up the U.S. rights to Cabin Fever: Patient Zero.

The company is planning a VOD release as well as a theatrical run in summer 2014. 

Patient Zero is the third installment of the Cabin Fever horror movies, with the first one in 2002 launching the career of Eli Roth. This one was directed by comic book artist and filmmaker Kaare Andrews.

Sean Astin leads a cast that includes Currie Graham (Pompeii), Ryan Donowho (Soldiers of Fortune), Mitch Ryan (One Tree Hill) and Jillian Murray (Bad Ass). 

The third movie focuses on a group of friends whose yacht washes ashore a Caribbean island. As luck would have it, there’s an abandoned research facility and, before you know it, a deadly virus is unleashed.

Jake Wade Wall wrote the script, and original Cabin Fever producer Evan Astrowsky produced.