Image to Stop Selling DRM-Free Digital Comics on Website

Comics 25 year banner -  Image Comics Publicity - H 2018
Courtesy of Image Comics
Customers have until February to download issues they've already purchased.

Image Comics has announced that, starting Monday, it will no longer offer DRM-free digital editions of its releases via its ImageComics.com store, with customers being given three months to download purchases before they stop being available.

The news came from an email sent to customers from the Walking Dead and Monstress publisher. It states, "This is an email alert to inform you that ImageComics.com is discontinuing the sale of DRM-free titles through our site. Beginning on November 5th, 2018, DRM-free versions of our books will no longer be available for purchase and all sales of DRM-free versions through ImageComics.com will be discontinued." The email was later published on the Image Comics website.

Customers will have until Feb. 3 to log in and download purchases, with Image recommending that they do so "at [their] earliest convenience."

The company’s Image Direct portal will continue to sell print editions of Image Comics releases in both single issue and subscription formats, but no further digital sales will be available directly from Image. Image launched its sale of DRM-free digital editions in 2013 as part of a wider relaunch of its online presence, becoming the largest comic publisher to offer material without digital rights management.

Curiously, this doesn't mark a full shift away from DRM-free digital releases from the publisher; the email to customers

states, "Future titles will be available for purchase through our other digital vendor partners, and DRM-free versions through other services that offer it, like [Amazon’s digital comics platform] ComiXology."