'Immortals': Stephen Dorff Says He’s the Han Solo of the Greek God Tale (Video)

During the red carpet premiere for Relativity's new film, the actor told THR that is character is "the every man of the movie."

Tarsem Singh’s Greek god epic, Immortals, is a visually stunning adventure featuring a heavy dose of battles and violence. But in the middle of all the beheading, bashing and blood-spilling, is Stephen Dorff’s character, Stavros.

Stavros is the faithful sidekick to Henry Cavill’s Thesues. He’s often the comedic relief, but also gets in on the action during the film’s most epic battle scenes. Dorff compared him to another well-known smart alec sidekick.

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“He’s a bit of the every man of the movie. He’s kind of the Han Solo of the crew, says it like it is,” Dorff told The Hollywood Reporter on the red carpet at the premiere event.

Dorff has played a wide variety of characters throughout his career. Ranging from the smaller roles such as in Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere to this wise guy fighter in the upcoming Relativity film.

“I prefer character driven movies. Movies like Somewhere and my new movie, Motel Life,” Dorff said. “But I love this film and I go see all kinds of films, so I think it’s important you’ve got to reach all the audiences, you know what I mean.”

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Immortals was helmed by Tarsem Singh, who has developed a reputation as a filmmaker for having a very specific vision for what his films with look like.

“He has an incredible energy,” Dorff said of Singh. “He’s probably the most visual director I’ve ever worked with. I think he was definitely born for 3D and this is one that delivers in 3D.”

Dorff’s character, as with many of the characters in the movie, shows plenty of skin in the film, which opens in theaters on Nov. 11.

“I didn’t have much of an outfit. I’m pretty much naked in the whole movie,” Dorff said.