'Immortals' Director Tarsem Singh Compares Greek Gods to Superheroes (Video)

"These are the original superhero guys," the director told THR at the premiere for Relativity's fantasy epic.

Tarsem Singh has made a superhero film, he says. Viewers may not realize it when they sit down to watch Relativity’s Immortals, but Singh told The Hollywood Reporter that the Greek God epic is all about the original superheroes.

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“I just thought that if you want to make a superhero film, these are the original superhero guys and they seem to have much more problems than let's say that the superheroes that today you have,” Singh told THR on the red carpet. “I just thought that with superheroes you either go to Marvel and make a movie with them or you just pickup some good literature.”

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Immortals, which opened in theaters on Friday, Nov. 11, features Henry Cavill (who will star as a superhero again in Warner Bros. upcoming Man of Steel) as Theseus, a peasant who must defend the world against King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke) who is set on releasing the Titans from their underground prison. A collection of Greek Gods watches over the action, and tried to help the hero along his journey.

Cavill, who is best known for his role on The Tudors, is considered relatively new to the world of leading men. Singh’s film only features one really famous actor – Rourke – because he said he prefers to use lesser-known names in his films.

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“I think that the studio was worried,” Singh said when THR asked him if there was concern with casting Cavill. “But in the end once they saw what we were doing they embrace it and it turned out wonderful."

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Singh, known for coming into projects with a very specific vision, has created a beautiful world, which he says he based on Renaissance art.

“It's like how the Renaissance people looked at the Greeks is I was interested in, not what the Greeks looked like themselves. Every generation redefines its past,” said Singh.