'Inception' Reimagined as 8-Bit Game (Video)

CineFix remakes Christopher Nolan's metaphysical thriller and creates the greatest video game that never existed in the process.

As surprising as it undoubtedly is to many, there are those who felt that Christopher Nolan's Inception left a lot to be desired in terms of clarity. For those people, CineFix has created an alternate version of events with an 8-Bit Cinema recreation of the movie that leaves nothing to the imagination -- or does it?

While Inception - 8 Bit Cinema lacks the charms of Leonardo Di Caprio or Ellen Page, it does manage to shrink the two-and-a-half hour movie down to a little over two minutes thanks to some expositionary dialogue like "This is not my carpet. We are in another dream" and "Ok, we got Fisher. Let's hop into his dream!"

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The video even has something for those who loved Nolan's 2010 movie -- namely, the realization of just how much you want a 1980s-style arcade game based on the movie. Perhaps we can Kickstarter that out of our dreams and into reality. I'm sure Dom Cobb would approve.