'Incredibles' Hits Blu-ray, Sony Sends Film Clips, and Porn Pushes Technology

Tidbits from the home entertainment front.

Several tidbits from the home entertainment front:

Mark your calendars: The Incredibles will make its Blu-ray debut on April 12. One of the best Pixar movies, and one of the best movies of the 2000s, will come in a four-disc set that includes two Blu-rays discs, one DVD and one digital copy. And it will also have a bunch of new bonus features such as a roundtable discussion with a slew of the film's makers including Brad Bird; a spotlight on Pixar artists; and a look at the making of the end credits (many Pixar movies have graphically artistic credits and Incredible was no exception). Of course, as excited as Heat Vision is regarding this news, we can't help but think of how Disney-Pixar will find another way to ensnare us when they come out with a Blu-ray 3D version of Incredibles.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment unveiled an Apple app that will give movie lovers a new clip from one of the studio's movie every day, ranging from Spider-Man to Dr. Strangelove to Ghostbusters. It's called My Daily Clip and even Sony is acknowledging the somewhat flippant nature of the app calling it "the ultimate daily distraction." It also says "users can turn otherwise wasted moments into the opportunity to discover or relive some of the greatest scenes in film." Thanks for that Sony.

I'm not all that familiar with the world of adult entertainment but I do know the porn industry has always been a leader on the technology side of things for long time. So this could be interesting: Digital Playground will embrace QR (Quick Response) technology, which uses bar codes to give potential customers instant info about a company's product. So for instance, if you're a store holding a Digital Playground movie, you can use your smartphone to scan the QR code off the box cover and watch the trailer right there and then. Could be handy next time you're on a milk and porn run.

The company's newest movie, Top Guns, is the first one to use the technology.