'Independence Day' Promo Shows the Worst Morning After Las Vegas Has Ever Seen

Come for the gambling, stay for the ruins.

It'll take more than an alien invasion to stop Las Vegas, according to a new promo for Independence Day: Resurgence. Even if the city ends up destroyed by said extraterrestrial incursion, the fun never stops — it just becomes a little more dangerous.

20 years after the alien attack of 1996's original Independence Day, the Las Vegas Ruins Tourism Board is inviting people back to the former luxury resort for a whole new getaway experience which still includes gambling and the chance to be married by an Elvis impersonator, but now has added opportunities to shoot laser guns and relax in the shade of downed space ships.

"Enjoy our special two-night tent package starting at $399.99," the ad ends; apparently, in the postapocalyptic world of the upcoming sci-fi actioner, luxury doesn't come cheap. Even if it's not that luxurious.

Watch the video below, and see if it puts you in the mood for a vacation — or just a trip to the theater next weekend when Independence Day: Resurgence opens.