'Indiana Jones 5' Will Begin Filming This Summer, Harrison Ford Says

"I feel obliged to make sure our ambitions are as ambitious as they were when we started," the actor said in a separate interview about the upcoming installment in the action-adventure franchise.

Another installment to the Indiana Jones franchise is on its way, with Harrison Ford revealing that production will commence within months. 

Ford dropped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show for an interview that will air Friday to promote his new film, Call of the Wild, and while there, he gave a few hints about the upcoming Indiana Jones film. 

The 77-year-old actor told host DeGeneres that filming would begin late this summer. 

"it's going to be fun," Ford said. "They are great fun to make." 

The upcoming film's title has yet to be revealed. 

The first three movies are considered to be some of the best action-adventure films of all-time. The fourth film, 2008's Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, was not well received by fans for its story, not Ford's performance.

In a separate interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Ford said filming may begin as soon as April on Indiana Jones 5

He also noted that he has enjoyed revisiting his classic characters, including Han Solo from Star Wars

"When we have an opportunity to make another, it is because people have enjoyed them," Ford said in that interview. "I feel obliged to make sure our ambitions are as ambitious as they were when we started." 

A release date for Indiana Jones 5 has not been announced. 

Watch the two interviews below.