Indie Publisher Lion Forge Adds Middle Reader Imprint

Caracal Logo - Publicity - H 2018
Courtesy of Lion Forge
Caracal will function between the ongoing young reader and young adult imprints in terms of age group.

Independent publisher Lion Forge is expanding its focus on young reader material with the creation of a new imprint aimed directly at middle-grade readers.

The new line, Caracal, will co-exist with Lion Forge’s ongoing young reader imprints — CubHouse (early readers) and Roar (young adult readers) — and focus on material for audiences aged 8-12, mixing new editions of already released material and all-new titles with the intent to help develop graphic literacy in its audience.

“The market for middle-grade comics has really exploded over the past few years and is showing every sign of continuing that phenomenal growth,” Lion Forge editor-in-chief Andrea Colvin said Wednesday in a statement. “Our previously announced middle-grade titles, such as Brenna Thummler’s Sheets and Sam Sattin and Ian McGinty’s Glinttrilogy, have garnered huge early buzz, and we are looking forward to further promoting, through the Caracal line, authentic and engaging comics stories for middle-grade readers. Lion Forge’s outreach efforts to schools and libraries and strong commitment to marketing perfectly position the company to reach out to these young readers with the inclusive stories and characters we are known for.”

Lion Forge Comics was founded in 2011 as a digital-only company with a focus on increasing creative diversity in the marketplace, particularly regarding ethnicity. The company started to move into print in 2015, finding success with its Roar and CubHouse imprints as well as Catalyst Prime, its superhero line.

Caracal will officially debut later this year, with new titles announced for the line later this week as part of Lion Forge’s presence at BookExpo America.