'Infinity's' Prodigal Son Arrives Sooner Than Expected

Thane Marvel Entertainment - P 2013
<p>Thane Marvel Entertainment - P 2013</p>   |   Marvel Entertainment
A reveal from Marvel's "Infinity" event storyline is spoiled by ... Marvel itself.

One of the big reveals of Marvel Comics' Infinity event to date has been the existence of a son of Thanos, one of the story's big bads. Teased at the end of the second issue of the main Infinity series and given more explanation in the third, the debut of the character would doubtlessly have been a highlight of the entire fifty-installment storyline -- except that, thanks to a series of mistimed tie-ins, he managed to appear online before he showed up in the comic books themselves.

As Bleeding Cool pointed out, the character's first appearance happened last week when "Thane" showed up as a lock-boxed character in the Marvel Avengers Alliance social game, described as a "mysterious being [that] appeared during Thanos' invasion of Earth [who] holds tremendous power in his hands."

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Among those powers, according to the game, were a "sealing touch," something called "black hand" and the power of "life and death." So far, so -- well, mysterious. Thane had visual similarities to Thanos -- that chin! -- but also to other Marvel characters. Despite much speculation from fans, there was nothing to definitively identify him as Thanos' son, apart from Marvel's own supplementary material for the Infinity series.

Since last year, Marvel has offered additional material to fans via AR codes placed within the stories themselves; one of the AR extras for Infinity #3 features Marvel editor Jake Thomas asking "Who is Thane, son of Thanos? He could be a savior or a villain. Who is Thane? Is he powerful? Does he have the ability to summon suns or talk to insects … or throw insects into suns? We don’t know. The question lingers … it itches and burns in the back of our brain. Who is Thane? The only way to find out is to keep reading!"

Well, that or play Avengers Alliance, apparently.