'The Innkeepers' Trailer Promises Intense Ghosts (Video)

Innkeepers - Film Still - P 2011
<p>Innkeepers - Film Still - P 2011</p>
Director Ti West's upcoming haunted hotel movie looks to show more ghosts than the "Paranormal Activity" films.

The full trailer for director Ti West's spooky haunted hotel tale, The Innkeepers has been released, revealing a ghost story a little more explicit than the unseen horrors of the Paranormal Activity movies.

The film stars Sara Paxton and Pat Healy as the last employees of a going-out-of-business hotel in Connecticut. Before they close the doors for the final time, the pair decide to find proof that the hotel is as haunted as has long been believed.

The film, which premiered at the South-By-Southwest Film Festival in March of 2011, was shot on location at the actual Yankee Pedlar Inn in which it is set.

The inn, located in Torrington, Connecticut, is supposedly haunted. However, the horrors that are promised in the trailer for West's film seem far more extreme than anything reality has provided.

The movie will be available on Video on Demand on Dec. 30 and in theaters on February 3, 2012.