'Interstellar' Poster Promises Snowfall and Spacesuits

The latest look at Christopher Nolan's upcoming sci-fi opus
Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

The official U.S. one-sheet for Christopher Nolan’s upcoming Interstellar has been released, and for those looking for clues about the movie’s still-mysterious plot — well, it might involve snow and upside-down mountains. Or maybe not.

The image was premiered by British movie magazine Empire, and it shows Matthew McConaughey’s character wandering around in a spacesuit on rocky terrain, with snow falling around him and, curiously, what appears to be a mountain range floating in the sky above his head.

The tagline “The End of Earth Will Not Be the End of Us” appears above the title, although whether this means that McConaughey is wandering around on an alien planet or just particularly inhospitable terrain on a dead Earth is far from clear — precisely as director Nolan intended it, no doubt. For now, all that is clear is that McConaughey will get a cool-looking spacesuit in the movie, and there will be something that looks like snow. Which, admittedly, is still arguably more than we learned from the last trailer.

Interstellar will be released Nov. 7.